send send [send] verb sent PTandPP [sent] [transitive]
1. to arrange for something to go to another place:

• The computer network can send data at very high speeds.

send something to somebody

• He sent a memo to board members criticizing his boss.

send somebody something

• The company sent her a letter apologizing for the oversight.

2. to tell someone to go somewhere, usually in order to do a particular task:
send somebody to do something

• The Institute sent 43 engineers to work in Japanese laboratories.

3. FINANCE if something sends prices, profits, costs etc to a different level, it makes them go to that level:

• The labor dispute at a copper mine in Chile sent futures prices lower.

• The news sent bondprices tumbling.

send away for something phrasal verb [transitive]
to ask for something to be sent by post:

• For more information, send away for our free booklet.

send something → back phrasal verb [transitive]
to return something to the place it came from:

• If you're not completely satisfied with the goods, send them back for a full refund.

send in phrasal verb [transitive]
1. send something → in to send something, usually by mail, to a place where it can be dealt with:

• Customers can send in their sales receipts to get the discount coupons.

2. send somebody → in to tell someone to go somewhere to do a particular task, especially a difficult one:

• The DTI may send in inspectors who will, if necessary, stop the company trading.

send off for something phrasal verb [transitive]
another name for send
send something → on phrasal verb [transitive]
to send something that has been received to another place so that it can be dealt with:

• Don't let your paperwork pile up: send it on as soon as possible and work to a deadline.

send something → out phrasal verb [transitive]
to send things from a central place to various other places:

• The bank will be sending out details to all its customers.

• Once your business cards are printed, start sending them out as soon as possible.

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send UK US /send/ verb [T] (sent, sent)
COMMUNICATIONS to cause something to go from one place to another, especially by mail, email, etc.: »

send a letter/fax/email


send a reply/response/query

send sth to sth »

The schools collect used cell phones and send them to the phone recycling company.

send sb sth »

Could you send them a reply as quickly as possible?

to cause or order someone to go and do something: send sb to sth »

They were sent to India for work.

send sb to do sth »

She's been sent from Head Office to sort out this mess.


send sb on a course/errand/placement

to cause someone or something to do a particular thing, or to cause something to happen: send sth higher/up/through the roof »

Eventually demand outstrips supply, sending prices through the roof.


send sth plummeting/plunging/tumbling


send sth soaring/skyrocketing

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